Snow Day

A Blackberry-Cranberry Sangria

Snow Day Sabrosa Sangria Premium Blackberry Cranberry


A snow day is a special day. The world contracts a bit; instead of the usual routine, the day is filled with simple goals-clearing snow from the driveway, helping a neighbor dig out their car, or making a snowman with the kids. Snow Day Sangria is dark and flavorful. It is a blend of red wine with blackberry, orange, and cranberry juices that is best enjoyed tucked in by the fire at the end of a wintry snow day.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Jammy; tart cherries, and currants

Flavor: Tart, juicy boysenberries, some orange peel, and a little allspice

Finish: Drying, spicy cranberry chutney

Pairing: Pork, beef, chocolate desserts

Alc. by Volume: 9%

Shelf Life: 6 months

Quantity: 750ml

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