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What is "SABROSA?"

Nope. It's not our family name, but it represents our passion.

Sabrosa means "tasty" in Spanish, and crafting tasty sangria is what we do best.

What is a Premium Sangria?

As The Beverage Journal describes, sangria’s “painful…overly sugared, questionable ingredient, lesser-quality versions have long populated shelves.”* However, in recent years, sangria’s design has been changing. Echoing the craft beer movement’s push for a more complex-flavored brew, the makeup of commercial sangria has recently evolved to a more fresh and natural-tasting profile.

Substituting artificial flavorings for natural and authentic ingredients, premium sangria is becoming a wildly popular drink for an ever-growing consumer base.

Michigan Autumngria Shelf

Why Sabrosa Sangria?

Though commonly considered a “summer-only” drink for parties, the freshness and wide flavor profiles of our sangrias pair with almost any meal and encourage casual enjoyment year-round. Sabrosa Sangria’s versatile portfolio is perfect for almost any occasion, and can even entice those who do not typically drink traditional red and white wines.

Our premium sangrias are an approachable and easy-drinking take on a traditional classic with inspired natural flavors.

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